It's time to dance!

Teens & Adults

Rhythm can exist without melody but melody cannot exist without rhythm.

BollyShape for Teens and Adults is a Bollywood inspired HIIT dance workout created by NASM certified trainers and professional dancers.

It combines strength moves with dynamic choreography interspersed with your favorite Bollywood hook steps! Every 45 min routine is carefully choreographed in order to strengthen your cardiovascular system and maximize your stamina potential.

Our BollyShape classes are a safe space for individuals at every dance and fitness level. All our choreography can be easily modified to suit every ability!


"Movement is the starting point for wiring the brain for learning" - Gill Connell

In an effort to train mindsets towards movement and self efficacy from an early age, BollyShape Juniors is programmed to keep children interested in fitness and dance by making it fun!

This helps them stay interested in being active – thus creating a healthy habit that will become a part of their daily lives as they grow older!

Special Events and Workshops

"Dance is Nature" - Pandit Birju Maharaj

Every celebration is a milestone and every milestone is a reason to dance!

Be it a birthday, a proposal, a wedding or a sangeet – dance is the perfect way to immortalize precious moments!  We pride ourselves in helping people realize their dance dreams and goals regardless of whether they’re experienced dancers or first-timers.

Corporate BollyShape workshops are the perfect way to destress, improve teamwork and motivate employees! We bring our infectious Bollywood dance energy to your corporate space and help working professionals to feel rejuvenated through movement!

After all, on the inside – everyone wants to dance!


Frequently Asked Questions

You can count on us to answer all your questions! Have a question that isn’t mentioned here? Contact us and we would be happy to help!

We believe there is no such thing as a good or bad dancer. Dance is an emotion and we all convey our emotions in unique ways. Anybody and everybody is welcomed into our BollyShape classes and our dance community!

Yes! Our BollyShape Juniors program caters to children between the ages of 4 and 10 years.

Yes! Our Teen/Adults BollyShape classes are open to everyone over 15 yrs of age.

Our BollyShape Juniors classes take place in our studio in Edison.
Our Teen/Adult BollyShape classes are in Edison and Princeton.

Of course! We encourage children to try out a free BollyShape Juniors class with us!

Recent studies show evidence ( that taking dance in addition to regular schooling leads to high grades and SAT scores.
Dance lessons enhance motor skills, increase mental ability and deepen kids’ understanding of other subjects.

It is important for dancers to feel as comfortable as possible when they are dancing. Wearing clothing that allows freedom of movement is highly-recommended along with a pair of comfortable sneakers.