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Doing something small every day for many days, will become something big one day – this sentence perfectly aligns with our interpretation of ‘Being Consistent’.

We all know that sustainable fitness and nutrition habits are key to a long and healthy life, but it’s consistency that helps us overcome our hesitation to adopt a lifestyle that is new to us. Allow us to help you get started on your fitness journey!

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At Being Consistent, we focus on changing mindsets and creating healthy habits through the power of consistency. We understand that everyone has different skill sets, knowledge, circumstances, abilities and access to health creating behaviors and environments.

That is where we step in – with our NMT (NeuroMuscular-Training) technique we help you fall in love with fitness to create an enduring lifestyle change and lasting results! Enjoying your fitness routine allows you to make  choices that are uniquely right for you and that is what ultimately leads to a successful shift in mindset!

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Fitness is forever and exercise is our superpower! Make the time to move – whether you choose to take out 30 minutes of your day to exercise or 60 minutes, we are here to guide you on a training program that gets you closer to your goals.
Not sure what your goals are? Reach out to us and we will help you figure them out!

Personal Training

A one on one interactive training held online or in person.

Consistent 21

A 21 day online small group fitness and nutrition program.

Online Classes

40 minutes of Strength Training and HIIT exercises to get those endorphins going!



Ajith. R

Day by day, I am just loving it! Be it the workout, the diet or the journal writing – this is the perfect gift to me from you before the start of the new year! I am grateful for you.


Sanjana. A

Accountability and consistency were the key factors keeping me on track. The sustainable lifestyle and dietary changes suggested by Urvashi have left an impact not only for a healthier me but also trickled into my household leaving a positive impression in my family’s eating habits.


Kala. N

Urvashi’s zest for spreading her knowledge of altering food habits in a sustainable way, her guidance in honoring one’s own body and building strength from there has worked wonders for me!


Shriya. P

Uvi is a great coach and motivator. Her zest for uplifting and supporting her trainees on their fitness journey and her positive attitude is contagious! Fitness has become second nature to me all thanks to the way she aligned my workouts with my goals. Training with her is one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made!


Sushma. M

I’m so grateful to Uvi for the Consistent 21 program! I learned so much from her during these 3 weeks. She is an amazing coach and a lovely person inside out!


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